What we do

With a team of Drug Safety Officers and Physicians, our growing team provide PV services in Therapy Areas including Oncology, GI, Metabolic, Anti-infectives, Neuro-degenerative disorders, vaccines, cardio and orphan diseases.  

We support clients in Post-Marketing safety by helping with MA submissions, QPPV, literature review, case management and reporting, aggregates, signal detection, database implementation and migration, Eudravigilance, Risk Management, and label updates

Medical and Pharmacovigilance services

For Clinical Studies, we produce and manage Medical Monitoring and Safety Management Plans (SMP) at the request of the client and conduct the following as standard;

For Marketed Products, we define the process with the client and other vendors in place (e.g. Medical Information providers) to clearly outline who is responsible for each task. We support clients in a range of activities including;

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Market research

  • Systematic gathering and interpretation of information about individuals, organisations and market places 
  • Gain insight or support decision making 
  • Provide a competitive analysis when new products are emerged in the market 
  • Identify customer’s needs 
  • Customer satisfaction measurement

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Medical and Promotional Excellence

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Clinical Research Services

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“NKI’s knowledge is deep and varied, and the service is attentive and intuitive – they have a CAN-DO attitude”.

 PV Director, Specialty Pharma Company